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This website is dedicated to the following Yogis:


Sage TirumularSage Tirumular(circa 200 B.C):
who discusses Astanga Yoga more fully, completely and with greater frankness than his brother monk sage Patanjali by his work on Tirumantiram.

Swami VivekanandaSwami Vivekananda (1863-1902):
who is India's greatest gift to the rest of the world in recent history, Brought Yogas to the western world for the first time by his teachings and writings. We bow before this great teacher and Jnana Yogi.

Swami Siddhanantha Sarswathy YogiSwami Siddhanantha Saraswathy Yogi(1918-2008):
who was (Sivaya yoga studio) founder's Hatha Yoga teacher, hailed from Baticaloa Srilanka. He taught Hatha Yoga in Nallur Jaffna. Saluting one's teacher is an Eastern heritage, no matter how big or small he/she is.

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Did you know?

Your yoga membership is valid forever and no need to pay membership/registration fee again as long as you have the membership photo card.

Did you know when you join as a yearly member you are saving R95 per month. In other words you are saving R1140 per year on your monthly membership fee.

In your birthday week bring a friend for a free class. In any case if you are not a active member you are eligible to attend a free yoga class

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Pranayama and Meditation

A 20 minutes session of Pranayama is only after the normal 8:15 class on some Saturdays. It will be clearly informed in advance.

Schedules for Group Sessions

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Additional information

This website has been updated for year 2020. Venu at Block A Ground Floor, Glen Gables Retails and Office Park, Lynnwood Glen. Cnr of Lynnwood Rd and January Masilela Drive. GPS: 25°46'07.8"S 28°17'25.0"E (25.7688463S, 28.2902788E). Map

Secure and pleasant location

Studio opens 10 min before class starts

New Saturday and Sunday classes. No classes on public holidays

Yoga class duration: 1hr: 30min.

Studio provide mats to practice on.It is always good to have your own yoga mat for hygienic reasons.

Monthly fee can start from any date

Fixed monthly fee for duration for membership

Unlimited access to 17 classes per week

Cash Rebate R135 option available for full-time students

Full-time students get R50 discount

Children under 10yrs free

Phone any time

Sorry no credit card facility. Payments can be made by cash, cash cheque or via Electronic funds transfer (EFT).


There is all day free open air, and carport parking for customers of Glen Gables. Please drive in, we are at the back of the building of Block-A. You could park next to the Studio or inside the palisades fenced parking lots at the front of Block- A.

You must drive thru the East-gate (near to January Masilela Rd) to reach back of the building of Block A. The security must open the gate for you. You can’t get access via North-gate (near to Lynnwood Rd).

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Swami Vivekananda"Anything that is secret and mysterious in this system of Yoga should be once rejected"
"So far then we see that in the study of Raja Yoga no faith or belief is necessary. Believe nothing until you find out for yourself - that is what it teaches us."
"There is no supernatural, says the yogi but there are in nature gross manifestations and subtle manifestations. The subtle are the causes, the gross the effect. The practice of Raja Yoga will lead to the acquisition of the subtle perceptions"
"For thousand of years such (various extraordinary) phenomena have been studied, investigated, and generalized; the whole ground of the religious faculties of man has been analyzed; and the practical result is the science of Raja Yoga"
"Science of Raja Yoga propose to put before humanity a practical and scientifically worked out method of reaching this truth"
"This truth has been preached by sages of all countries, of all ages, by men pure and unselfish who had no motive but to do good to the world"

-Swami Vivekananda-

Your monthly fee never increases!

  • Did you know your monthly fee never changes as long as your active membership continues without breaking a month? Once you stop and come back again your membership fee will be the current increased fee.
  • Did you know when you join as a yearly member you are saving R95 per month. In other words you are saving R1140 per year on your monthly membership fee.
  • Did you know we generally do retreats during the Easter Holidays and in mid- December at the most affordable cost? A very pleasant trip and satisfaction is assured. If there are any questions you can speak to the people who came to the previous retreats. There are a wide variety of activities including teambuilding, meditation, Hatha Yoga, hiking, excursions, and enjoying nature on horseback and so forth. Please plan your holidays ahead and book early for your trip

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