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There are special Hatha yoga classes for elders, women in maternity and physically disabled people. Early bookings are needed. Pre-arranged monthly classes are also available. Hatha Yoga includes Yoga Postures (Asanas), Pranayama (Breathing Techniques- Conquering Prana the vital force), and Pratyahara (Withdrawing the Mind from Senses- Mastering of the Senses. Here more attention will be given to Pranayama, Pratyahara and meditation. The class contains light yoga postures (easy yoga). All the postures will be modified lightly according to the students' physical nature. Some postures are inappropriate under certain medical and physical conditions such as high blood pressure, pregnancy, menstruation and disability. There is no age limit to starting Yoga practice.

Before the class
Please be sure to inform the Yoga teacher of any serious health problems, such as neck or back injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery etc. In any extreme case, you should consult a physician before joining the Yoga class. If your doctor is not familiar with Yoga, show her or him pictures of the postures or ask them to contact your yoga teacher
During the class

In all Postures (Asanas), the breathing should be done through the nose only and not through the mouth. Your body is unique, to everyone else's. Always listen to your body. Never hesitate or feel embarrassed to release the posture before others or before the teacher instructs. Gradual, relaxed stretching and using the breath (inhaling or exhaling depends on positions in the Posture) to reach the posture will always give you better results. Relax as much as possible, do all the Postures in slow gradual movements and in a continuous manner. Avoid strain or bounce while stretching and never jerk into or out of a Posture.


Yoga detoxifies the body. This will show in physical and psychological symptoms. It is normal, and beginners may experience at different times any or all of the following: headaches, aching muscles, nausea, anger, grief, breathlessness, confusion and tiredness. When the purifying system through Yoga is over, you can expect to gain rapidly the physical, healing and mental benefits.

Cost of Yoga for Elders
  • Single Class R130
  • Three Classes Per Week/Monthly R750
  • The above fees are applicable only for the sessions for elders mentioned in the Schedule below.
  • Monthly fee is fixed for the duration of membership
  • There is a once only fee of R150 for registration and your membership-card.
  • The fee-month can start on any date.
  • There are no classes on public holidays.
  • Sorry no credit card facility, payments can be made by cash, cash check or via Electronic funds transfer (EFT).
Do you want to join the Yoga class? No needs for an advanced booking just walk in ten minutes before the Class. To book or cancel an appointment or buy gift certificates or for more information visit our place or call:082 680 1312 or fax: 086 754 4665 or click here to send an E-mail.
Schedule for Elders
8.15am   yoga yoga yoga    
11.15am yoga yoga yoga
3.15pm yoga yoga yoga  
5.15pm         yoga
7.05pm   yoga   yoga yoga  

*- Yoga for Elders, Early bookings is needed for the Elderly, Women in Maternity and Physically Disabled.

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