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Welcome to our yoga classes, here you will learn "Hatha Yoga". Hatha yoga includes yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing technique-conquering prana the vital force), and pratyahara (withdrawing the mind from senses- mastering of the senses).

Hatha yoga is a section of astanga yoga (classical yoga, sankhya-yoga, raja-yoga, patanjali-yoga).

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Wear loose, comfortable cloths. it is always better eat four hours or more before practicing yoga. If you are very hungry, eat light food at least two hours before. Keep the bowel empty. A warm water shower or bath is fine but avoid using shampoo and oil before the class to prevent muscle cramps.

It is not advisable to mix yoga practice with other muscular exercises and sports. If one type is practiced in the morning, the other ought to be done in the evening. There must be at least an hour interval between the practices of the two systems in order to avoid any harm done.

There are 17 group classes per week at Block-A Ground Floor, Glen Gables, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. All these classes are divided into two sessions as mornings, and evenings classes (8:15am, 11:15am, 3.15pm 5:15pm, and 7:05pm). These all are drop-in classes. There is no need for advanced bookings.

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There are special yoga classes for elders, women in maternity and physically disabled people. early bookings are required.

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Compared to the ancient worlds, the modern human race has all its basic requirements. The world becomes busier and smaller everyday, as has never been seen before. Yet, people have no time to look after their body and mind and eventually a deteriorated body and mind leads to permanent loss of peace of mind. finally, they lose their self. Corporations are struggling for better client services. Keeping up the employee's morale, healthy body and mind is the only answer. Sivaya yoga studio provides a customized yoga program for your office.

PLEASE see the location and address below.

Classes are conducted at:

Sivaya yoga studio

Block-A Ground Floor

Glen Gables

Lynnwood Glen

Pretoria, 0081

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Class location - click here Block-A Ground Floor, Glen Gables, Lynnwood Glen. Cnr of Lynnwood Rd and January Masilela Drive (Gen Louis Botha Dr) GPS: 25.7688463S, 28.2902788E.

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