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TestimonialsSivaya yoga studio

Dear students!

Share your yoga class experience at the Sivaya Yoga Studio with others. You could send your comments via e-mail, feedback form, or you could write them down on the visitors logbook at the front desk. Thank you

Hinda blumberg

Hinda Blumberg, Retired Teacher.

I have been practising yoga with Siva for one year now and am aware of a benefit both physical and mental. His classes follow a pattern of smooth rhythmic movement of stretching, twisting and curling up interspersed with relaxation. Now at the age of 80, I look forward to my twice-weekly yoga sessions and wish I could manage to go more often.

Gareth Ross

Gareth Roos, PhD Music Student, USA

Hi Siva, it is Gareth. I am sorry that I have been unable to attend classes, and thereby unable to say goodbye in person. Thank you SO much - I cannot explain how yoga has changed my life, and I will continue with it for the rest of my life! I could not have started with a better teacher! All of the best look after you. Peace and love!

Elizabeth Jansen Van Vuuren

Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren- Sat 2009/01/17 09:48 AM

Dear Siva I used to attend your yoga classes in Pretoria around 2000-2002, and stopped when I moved to Johannesburg. I just looked you up on the internet to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am still doing yoga exercises on my own, guided by what you taught me. I hear your voice in my head... "Relax your body, relax your mind" "look up" "love yourself, love your family, and love your country..." :) You are a great teacher wishing you all the best in work and life

Marit Erdal

Marit Erdal, Oslo, Norway

I have been attending Siva’s yoga classes for five months, and have loved it, I have been practising yoga before in Norway and India, and it was really nice to get back into it in South Africa. I would have continued here if I were not returning to Norway now! I find that yoga improves my health, making me stronger and more flexible, as well as helping me to relax. Best wishes!

Jill Anderson

Jill Anderson, Secretary, South African National Council for Blind: Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria

Dear Siva, Thank you for three years of yoga, it has meant a great deal to me.

Robbie Mcintosh

Robbie McIntosh, Pensioner, Engineer: Menlo Park Pretoria

Just to say how much I enjoy your Hatha yoga classes, your sharp mind, and businesslike approach to life. Thank you for sharing some of your background. Best wishes.

Johan Spies

Johan spies, Independent Management consultant and Facilitator; Hatfield, Pretoria

I have been attending Yoga classes with Siva for almost 2 years now. The physical benefits are a bonus. Mentally and spiritually, this has really been the best thing I could have done. Siva’s infinite patience also sense as an incredible role model to all of the people serious about their practice. Siva, you are honestly helping me live more in the present--- little by little

Joan Ann Hettema

Joan Hettema – Astrologer, former journalist and English lecturer; Mucklenuk, Pretoria

Today is the first anniversary of classes at Sivaya Yoga Studio, Pretoria. I began classes two days before my 66th birthday in 2003. I was not feeling energetic then and my legs were stiff and the hamstrings often in pain. Now I have flexible legs (without any form of medical treatment or medication), have lost weight, regained my waist and back muscles, which had become a flabby and have a sense of physical well-being. I did Yoga previously in another style, but Siva’s classes are absolutely perfect for gaining both strength and flexibility as well as mental and emotional equilibrium. This is the answer to retaining vigour and forgetting about age

Carmen Coetzee

Carmen Coetzee, Lawyer, department of Education; Pretoria

I have been attending Sivaya Yoga Studio since February 2002 and had never done any yoga before that. It has changed my life. I am much stronger and much much more flexible. My chronic back problems have disappeared and I a have lost 30kg. My blood pressure has dropped so much; I had to stop taking medication for hypertension. After every yoga class, I know exactly how strong I am, and where my problem areas are- I have become much more aware of my body. I am very relaxed after class, and feel fantastic! Thank You Siva.

Grazyna Gimble

Grazyna Kimble, House wife; Wapadrand, Pretoria

I love doing Yoga- it feels like receiving myself in the new version. Better focus greater and greater clarity of mind is what I observe within myself. Peace of mind instigated by listening to instructions- where personal thought is slowly disengaged and the emergence of being- “the sensing self “ is felt instead. My vices have left me without effort. Choices of lighter, easier digestible food also seem to be a natural outcome in my diet. My lower back discomfort was diminished to occasional as opposed to persistent. My overall energy level is higher and more stable. Sometimes I experience heightened sense of well-being, but that is less common. I am happy and grateful to share my yoga experience with you (the reader). Thank you

Stephanie Townsend

Stephanie Townsend, Freelance journalist; Pretoria

It has been 10 months since I started with your yoga classes and those 10 months determined my future path. I started with yoga classes when my orthopaedic surgeon suggested I engaged in regular exercise to help strengthen my lower back muscles. I suffered from a slipped disc after an accident and it deteriorated to such an extent that the disc disintegrated completely causing the two vertebrae to rest directly on each other. These days I can get out of bed without having to take it slow for 15 minutes. In fact, I have almost no lower back pain to complain about. Friends and family also commented on my healthy glow since I started practicing yoga. I plan to continue with yoga until someone gets sick of me and throws me out! In the meantime, I am on a quest to proof that practicing yoga in fact does build bone in post-menopausal women. I plan to be the guinea pig and will report back in a year or so. Thank you for improving the quality of my life, for improving my sleeping pattern and most important, for a calmness I have never experienced before.

Phoebe  Fouche

Phoebe fouche, Psychologist; Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

I gain a lot from yoga. It helps me relax, become fit, contributes to my health (I get less headaches) and I experience the physical difference – I am stronger and much more flexible. It is a constant challenge and I really miss it when I cannot attend classes for more than a day. The best of all is that I enjoy it a lot! Thank you Siva!

Lenbe Smit

Lenbè Smit, Receptionist Psychiatrist; Pretoria

Through the advice of my friend Emi, I started to practice Yoga at Sivaya Yoga Studio. I would like to share the effect that it has on me as an individual:
It helps me to live life in a harmonious relationship with my environment and to cope with different situations.
It enhances my personal relationships at work, within my family, between friends and in the community.
It takes me on a fascinating journey of discovering my internal organs, body parts and breathing movements
It fosters good health and leaves always enough opportunity for improvement
Thank you, for your time and effort Siva. “I salute you!”

Nicole Dziembowsk

Nicole Dziembowski, Artist Pretoria

Dear Siva, on a journey to re-discover the body, thanks you for your guidance. I’ve learnt much in this short time starting to hear again the child within that gives me the strength to grow…Now every time I do Yoga I hear your voice guiding the moments thank you for the work you do all the blessings of the universe-love +light.

Pauline De Beer

Pauline De Beer, BEng; Student University of Pretoria

Yoga is just what I need after a long day of studies. It helps me to relax and unwind, gives me new strength and always-welcome break. There is challenge in Yoga for everyone; no matter how good you get, you can always go further. It never gets boring!! It's fun, challenging and really makes a difference to your body! I can really recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Susan Blanche

Susan Blanche, Super Tramp mountaineer

I am 57; 3 month ago, I began yoga on a regular basis, before I was in constant pain from slipped disks. This month I climbed Mt. Kenya. For ten days I carried my 30kg backpack and never felt stronger- Thanks to Yoga.

Regan Murphy

Regan Murphy, PhD in Psychology, University of Pretoria

I have found that Yoga has relaxed me, not only in the sessions themselves but after the sessions as well. Yoga has sensitised me to the art of breathing, which in turn promotes a sense of well-being. My flexibility and agility have also increased but in particular, the positions that are held have increased my stamina as well. Although yoga is slow and not aerobic, it really does feel that after a class you have had a workout, benefiting the muscles as well as the internal organs-an area most often neglected by other physical exercises. The more one practices the better one becomes. The Sivaya Yoga Studio encourages you to take the classes at your own pace and encourages you to attain your potential in an environment, which is conducive to calm, and relaxed exercising. I am happy to say that I have eventually found a form of exercise that suits me!!

Igor Tonzetic

Igor Tonzetic, Geology Student, University of Pretoria

For a discipline that offers strength without sacrificing flexibility and flexibility without sacrificing strength, yoga is the way to go-That is not to mention the balance and proper breathing techniques it teaches one.

Eben Pieters

Eben Pieters, Engineer-Pretoria

The nature of my work requires that I maintain a high level of concentration, often under very stressful conditions. Yoga allows me to concentrate for longer stretches than before. I also enjoy the discipline in the different postures and I am satisfied with the progress one makes without the pressure to achieve immediate results. Yoga truly relaxes the mind and body, leaving me with a feeling of awakening from a deep sleep after every session. I also believe Yoga is the key to helping me discover who I really am

Patrick Ellis

Patrick Ellis, Restaurant Manager

Reaching the full Yogic level will most definitely be "The Ultimate Solution

Hanes  Meisie Blignaut, Family

Hanes & Meisie Blignaut, Family

Yoga helps relief out back pain and lessens my depression. Thanks Siva

Richard Benade

Richard Benade, Graphic Designer

Yoga helps me to relax my mind as well as my body. I am also learning to focus my thought and concentration for longer periods.

Christo Lombaard

Christo Lombaard, faculty of Theology university of Pretoria

Because I have an academic career, I hardly ever get any substantial exercise. In addition, four years ago, I had a major cancer operation, but because I do not get much exercise, I have not recovered the full use of some of the muscles affected by the operation. In addition, I do not feel at home in the "gym culture": lifting weights three times as heavy as my car just does not appeal to me :-).

However, by chance I happened across these yoga classes. And I find myself enjoying them very much! The fact that there is no pressure to "achieve" makes for a relaxed environment with which I am very comfortable. I only go twice a week, at times even skipping one of the meetings, and despite doing this for the relaxation and for the stretching exercises only -  not to "achieve results" - I find a marked improvement after attending these yoga classes for only a month.  Last night my wife was astounded to see me keep my legs straight, bend over and touch the ground. Five weeks ago, I could only reach my ankles.

However, I still do not want to set any "targets to reach".  That is not why I attend these classes.  I just need a little exercise. The improvements in the condition of my body are just an added bonus that I am happy with nonetheless. The fact that our yoga teacher enables this with his quiet and supportive manner is why I keep coming back.

Andre venter

Dr. Andre Venter, PhD Chemistry

Yoga relaxes as it energizes. It allows me to be more myself and less the product of life's stresses. However, beware: It is addictive. Luckily, all the consequences are positive.

Leonie Marais

Leonie Marais, Cultural Historian

I was born with a feeling to always rush. This sometimes means that I am rushing without actually achieving anything. Yoga helped and is still helping me to be more in control of "Rush" feeling! I enjoy every class! Thank you.

Anel Schoombeel

Anel Schoombee, Fine Artist

Learning all the yoga poses is a challenge for me; it strengthens my body and relaxes me afterwards.

Joyce Mpopu

Joyce D Mpopu, Researcher

Classes in Yoga have made me increasingly more relaxed in both mind and body. I cannot imagine doing without it now.

Renske Jacobs

Renske Jacobs, Journalist/Actress

I can get rather dramatic about stuff sometimes- yoga helped me to calm down considerably, think clearly and think laterally. I also sleep like a rock


Vanessa Buchan, Fashion Shop Owner/Business Women

Yoga makes me feel like I belong somewhere; helps me to relax and get into shape. Thank you.

Ida Becker

Ida Becker, Fashion Designer

Yoga helps me to relax and forget all about the hectic stuff that happened during my day at work. I can go home with peace in me.

Wendy Jacobs

Wendy Jacobs, Credit Analyst

Yoga gives me peace in my mind and relaxes my body.

Carol Jacobs

Carol Jacobs, Research Coordinator

Yoga helps me take time out from life's hectic schedule, to relax and get in touch with myself.

Michelle Greyling

Dr. Michelle Greyling, PhD Zoology, University of Pretoria

Yoga helps me focus. It makes me remember people and values that are important to me by concentrating on them. I find it very relaxing. It is an important step to taking control of your health, both in body and soul. Thank you for enriching my life!

steve Henley

Dr. Steve Henley, PhD ecologist, University of PE

Intensely relaxing! Peacefully invigorating!

Marie Dwyer

Marie Dwyer, Development Worker NZ

Yoga with Siva brings serenity to my day. I am also becoming more flexible and strong. It is great.

Sumari De Beerl

Sumari De Beer, Personal Assistant

Yoga helps me to relax, makes my body feel good.

Mariette Van Jaarsveld

Mariette Van Jaarsveld

"The mind is a drunken monkey....” Yoga forces you to unwind to see things in perspective and helps bring discipline to our hectic lives

Mia McDonald

Mia McDonald, Student University of Pretoria

The transformative effects of yoga are unbelievable. Ones mind and body becomes synchronized as you become gradually more and more aware of the capabilities and limitations of your body. The types of people who are attracted to Yoga are usually friendly, interesting and open minded which is an added bonus! All areas of my life have improved!

Adriann Voors

Adriann Voors, Seeker of Truth

Yoga: A method of practice to attain to absolute truth.

Naeve Quigley

Naeve Quigley, Student Houston Texas USA

Focusing on one constant thing is such a change to my every day scattered live. Also doing Yoga in South Africa has helped me feel more confident and centered. What a great Addition to my life.

Maureen Billingham

Maureen Billingham, House Wife

Finding Yoga has been a life-changing discovery. I have lost 10 kg and feel 10 years younger.

Louisemarie Combrink

Louisemarie Combrink, Artist, Teacher Pretoria

My Experience of Yoga - on the one hand, it expands the consciousness and raises one's awareness, focusing on the essence of one's being, and on the other, it is simply relaxing and invigorating. It really enriches my life.

Zanja Voors

Zanja Voors, Software Developer

Yoga lets me see; who's the god in me

Denise Martins

Denise Martins, Reflex Student

Yoga is Great!! I've felt and exercised places of my body I never thought I had. I feel relaxed and strong everyone must try it.

Ivone Billingham

Ivone Billingham, Computer Nerd; Hatfield, Pretoria

I attended Yoga classes in order to find a non-strenuous workout. I found a challenge that has kept me busy for six months so far. I discovered a direction and meaning to my previously unknown directionless life. I have found an alternate lifestyle with enough questions to be answered to keep me busy for the rest my days.

Debbie Meyer

Debbie Meyer, a new recruit

Yoga is great way to trim your body and expand your mind; is Very relaxing after a strenuous day.

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