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Extended Triangle Pose and Twisted Triangle Pose Mental Benefits

1.Reduces mental stress and improves concentration.

2.Alleviates anxiety and hypochondria.

3.Stimulates life force (pranic) flow to the spleen, liver, large intestine, gall bladder, small intestine, and heart meridians.

4.Steadies the energy and prepares the body for the meditation process. See Physical Benefits or Healing benefits


Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana) Mental Benefits

1.Brings life to every cell in the body.

2.Strives for harmony and happiness in the human system.

3.Relieves lethargy and mental sluggishness and one feels full of energy.

4.Helps cure insomnia and depression, brings peace and joy of life to the mind.

5.Stimulates life force (pranic) flow in the stomach, small intestine, urinary and gall bladders, pericardium and kidney meridian.

6.Awakens the cosmic energy (Kundalini). Focuses on the psychic energy in the throat region. See Physical Benefits or Healing Benefits


Fish Pose (Mathsyasana) Mental Benefits

1.Regulates moods and emotions.

2.Relieves stress and mental agitation.

3.Brings increased life force (Prana) to the neck and shoulders. See Physical Benefits or Healing Benefits

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